A Systemless Sourcebook

A systemless sourcebook is a setting written to be used with any RPG. Where possible, things have been described in narrative terms only; when numbers are absolutely necessary, things are rated on a scale from 1-3. Converting these ratings into stats for your favorite system is as easy as deciding what constitutes a Minor (1), Moderate (2), or Major (3) rating. This will work best for skill-based RPGs, though class-based systems can work, too.

A note: The material on this site is heavily skewed towards games set in The Matrix, not the Real World. One bright day, I might add more Real World stuff, but that won't be for a while. (The gimmick I usually employ is running the Operator as a GM character and ending the adventure when the PCs hit an exit.(

Finally, because I'm a shameless self-promoter, I recommend my Wushu Guide to the Matrix. It's a version of this sourcebook that's written for the Wushu RPG, a rules-light game that encourages cinematic stunts by making them tactically advantageous. In other words, the crazier & more over-the-top your stunt, the more likely it is to succeed. That's how Wushu captures the Hong Kong, wire-fu style that makes the Matrix films so great!

Jack in, load up, and get ready to experience the mind-shattering action and adventure of The Matrix.

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Written by Daniel Pond, 1999 2001 / Presented by ImEG