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Hi, and welcome to our Xango™ site. I'm the guy on the right and am one of the world's few Negro League historians. I've written two books (see the link below), several articles, and have a website that receives from 2000-5000 visitors per week.

In November of 2003, my brother (on the left) gave me two audio tapes about Xango™and asked me to listen to them. I finally listened to them after putting it off for a few weeks and was amazed to say the least. I am now officially hooked! My family drinks Xango™ every day, I wear my Xango™ hat everywhere I go, have a Xango™ window sticker on my car, and work the business everyday.

We are building a very nice business and are growing every month. If you've ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of something great, this is it! I have a degree in advertising, and have come up with a system in which I can do 90% of the business from my laptop computer.

I pass this information on to all my distributors to help them succeed, and, if you're interested in learning more about Xango™ before signing up, I'd be happy to send you a free package in the mail. Just request one through my email address, kyle@pitchblackbaseball.com.

Best wishes and Go XanGo!

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1. We are fun to work with! We love working this business and love to help in any way we can. We'll talk to you, advise you, help you, cheer you, visit you--anything to help you be successful!

2. Success. Check out the list below of where we have distributors. We're good at this business and know the strategies that work.

3. Bonuses. The only thing more fun than making money is getting bonuses for making money! If you sign up under us, you receive bonuses as you progress in the business. Here is our bonus plan:

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We have distributors in the following cities:
Tuscon, Arizona
St. Paul, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Anchorage, Alaska
Memphis, Tennessee
Watertown, Minnesota
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Lexington, Indiana
Oakland, Kentucky
Winchester, Kentucky
Woodland Park, Colorado
Charlotte, North Carolina
Evansville, Indiana
Kailua Kona, Hawaii (2)
Oki, Japan
Hot Springs, Arkansas (8)
Donaldson, Arkansas
Rochester, Minnesota
Glendale, Arizona (3)
Rockford, Illinois
Phoenix, Arizona (3)
Chesterfield, Missouri
La Mesa, California (11)
Frankfort, Kentucky
Chula Vista, California (7)
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Virginia, Illinois
Paso Robles, California
Springfield, Ohio
Lufkin, Texas
Monroe, Louisiana
Springfield, Ohio
Mahophc, New York
Cannelton, Indiana
Syosset, New York
Batavia, Ohio
Pittsfield, Illinois
San Diego, California (15)
Alpine, California
Spring Valley, California (2)
El Cajon, California (8)
Romona, California (2)
Signal Hill, California
Valencia, California (2)
Santee, California (3)
Lemon Grove, California
Murrieta, California
Benita, California
Escondido, CA
Lakeside, California
Spring Valley, CA
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Santee, California
Escondido, California
Meridian, Idaho
Westerly, Rhode Island
Shelbyville, Indiana
Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Stockton, California (2)
Lodi, California
Buffalo, New York
Pomfret Center, Connecticut
Andover, Connecticut
Arlington, Oregon (2)
Overskany Falls, New York
Oak Harbor, Washington
Evington, Virginia
Southbridge, Massachusetts
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Byfield, Massachusetts
Whittier, California (2)
Placentia, California
Batavia, Ohio
Davis, California
Naugatuck, Connecticut
New York, New York (2)
Haven, Kansas
Lemon Grove, California
Sommerville, Massachusetts
Norman, Oklahoma (2)
Highland, California
Pittsfield, Massachusetts (2)
Federal Way, Washington
Kempton, Pennsylvania
San Marcos, California
Escondido, California
Detroit, Michigan
Bent, Oregon
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Oak Field, Wisconsin
Elk Grove, California
Grantsville, Maryland (3)
San Antonio, Texas
Harrington, Delaware (2)
Greenwood, Delaware (2)
McHenry, Maryland (2)
Oakland, Maryland (2)
Hayward, Wisconsin
Grantsville, Maryland
Accident, Maryland (2)
Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Terra Alta, West Virginia
Balloin, Missouri
Waveland, Mississippi
Diamondhead, Mississippi (2)
Collinsville, Illinois
Biloxi, Mississippi
Belleville, Illinois
St. Helens, United Kingdom
Costa Mesa, California


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NEWS: Xango™ is now available as a product and business in the following countries: United States, American Samoa, New Zealand. Philippines, Canada. Japan, U.K./Ireland. Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, México

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Myself, Sherman Unkefer, Dr. J. Frederic Templeman and Ryan at a XanGo™ meeting in Minneapolis

Ryan, Linda Klooster-Smith and Kyle at a Xango™ convention.


Also, please visit my Negro League baseball site, devoted to the men and women who paved the way for Jackie Robinson in integrating Organized Baseball, at www.pitchblackbaseball.com.

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