selected articles and interviews




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Art-a-Whirl 2002 (Minnesota Women’s Press, May 8, 2002)


Connecting Hearts: Maria Kalaniemi (Snowbound, January 2002)


Of Reki, Runo and Reiska: Värttinä’s Kari Reiman (Snowbound, January 2002)


Feeding the Soul at Lucille’s Kitchen (Minnesota Women’s Press, December 2001)


Invisible Women: the women of Nordic folk speak out (Pulse, April 2001)


Brave Combo:  Spies in the House of Polka (Pulse, March 2001)


The Adventures of Kimmo Pohjonen (Snowbound, January 2000)


Notes from Inside the Egg: Labra (Snowbound, January 2000)


Arto Järvelä, Pelimanni for the 21st Century (Snowbound, January 2000)


Dan Quisenberry, in His Own Words (BBBA, November 1999)