The Paul Burke Portrait Gallery

  • Jack Webb directing Leo Rodman and Paul in Noah's Ark (1958) (97K)
  • Paul flanked by Harry Bellaver and Horace McMahon in Naked City (1960) (58K)
  • Paul with Nancy Malone on his lap, getting a stare from his boss Horace in Naked City (35K)
  • An intense Col. Joe Gallagher in Twelve O'Clock High (1966) (35K)
  • Joe in front of his airplane, "Piccadilly Lily" (68K)
  • Joe relaxed and smiling in a good portrait -- love that leather jacket! (37K)
  • Joe in a closeup, full dress uniform (37K)
  • Paul with Jack Lord in the Hawaii Five-0 episode "The Moroville Covenant" (1980)

  • More to come!

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