Naked City
Episode Guide - Third Hour-long Season

9/19/62    Hold for Gloria Christmas.  A poet who has for years traded his poems to a bartender for alcohol steals them back when the man rejects his pleas to return them.  The bartender kills him.  Writer:  Joel Carpenter.  Dir.: Walter Graumann.  Guest cast:  Burgess Meredith, Sanford Meisner, Herschel Bernardi, Eileen Heckart, John Lasell, Barbara Dana, Allen Gittler.

9/26/62    Idylls of a Running Back.  A young woman shoots a football star, claiming he led her on.  Clues lead Flint to believe she was a naive girl led astray and he helps her get the best lawyer, but has second thoughts after talking to her boyfriend.  Writer: Ernest Kinoy.  Dir.:  John Peyser.  Guest cast:  Aldo Ray, Sandy Dennis, Nancy Wickwire, Joe Silver, William Daniels, Bob Romann.

10/3/62    Daughter, Am I in My Father’s House?  A girl whose strange and violent father has shielded her from reality is terrified when three boys make a playful pass at her.  Her father sets out to trap them and teach them a lesson.  Writer:  Shimon Wincelberg.  Dir.:  David Lowell Rich.  Guest cast:  Dan Duryea, Barbara Harris, Marco St. John, Joseph Campanella.

10/10/62    And By the Sweat of Thy Brow...  A disfigured boy who lives hidden in the shadows of night rescues a girl from a subway attack.  He is then suspected of being a mugger himself.  When the boy is cleared, Flint tries to help him face the world.  Writer:  Abram S. Ginnes.  Dir.: Irvin Kershner.  Guest cast:  Barbara Barrie, Richard Jordan, Michael Gorrin, Florence Anglin, David Clarke.

10/17/62    Kill Me While I’m Young So I Can Die Happy.  When Parker foils the suicide attempt of a lonely, dying woman, she vows revenge, and begins following him everywhere.  Arcaro befriends her and shows her some happiness for the first time in her life.  Writer:  Abram S. Ginnes.  Dir.: Denis Sanders.  Guest cast:  Maureen Stapleton, Carl Byrd, Rosetta Veneziani, Jan Miner, Tom Geraghty, House Jameson, Franklin Cover.

10/24/62    Five Cranks for Winter ... Ten Cranks for Spring.  To get money so his wife can enter his prize roses in a flower show, an ex-boxer gets his manager to arrange a fight by having an alcoholic doctor vouch for his physical condition, and he’s beaten unconscious.  [This is a remake of the 30-minute Naked City episode “The Canvas Bullet”.]  Writer:  Stirling Silliphant.  Dir.: Paul Stanley.  Guest cast:  Robert Duvall, Shirley Knight, Herschel Bernardi, Ludwig Donath, Bill Kennedy.

10/31/62    Go Fight City Hall.  Ashamed after falling down in a drunken stupor, a man claims he was assaulted, then goes off and kidnaps a hotel waiter whom he claims has invented the deadly “Q bomb”, and takes him to the Staten Island Ferry.  Writer:  Ben Maddox.  Dir.:  David Lowell Rich.  Guest cast:  George Rose, Sally Gracie, Joseph Buloff.

11/7/62    Torment Him Much and Hold Him Long.  A loan shark insists that a bartender help him rob the lounge where he works.  After alerting police before the robbery, the man and his family are terrorized by gangsters.  Writer: Stirling Silliphant.  Dir.: Robert Gist.  Guest cast:  Robert Duvall, Barbara Loden, Jesse White, Albert Ryder, Murray Matheson, Sandy Baron.

11/14/62    Make It Fifty Dollars and Add Love to Nona.  In revenge after his son puts him in a rest home, a man calls in a bomb threat on his son’s plane, then begins bomb threats on wrongdoers all over the city.  When a fellow resident blackmails him, he starts demanding money from his victims to avert the bombings.  Writer:  Shimon Wincelberg.  Dir.: George Sherman.  Guest cast:  Luther Adler, Ed Begley, Alex Viespi (now Alex Cord), Roxanne Arlen, Grania O’Malley, Bill Lanteau, Betty Keane.

11/21/62    A Horse Has a Big Head -- Let Him Worry!  A teacher of near-blind children who fills her pupils with the feeling that they are not handicapped agonizes over her methods when one of her students gets off a Manhattan bus, determined to make his own way back to Brooklyn.    Writer:  Abram S. Ginnes.  Dir.: Denis Sanders.  Guest cast:  Diahann Carroll, John Megna, Audra Lindley, Graham Jarvis, Sorrell Booke.  (Note: Diahann Carroll was nominated for an Emmy for this episode.)

11/28/62    Dust Devil on a Quiet Street.  An intense young man, fascinated by the effect that acting can have on reality, joins the acting class of Flint’s fiancee, Libby.  She begins to fear that in his ferocity, the man will kill the teacher, and she convinces Flint and Arcaro to attend the class.  Writers: Anthony Lawrence and Howard Rodman.  Dir.: George Sherman.  Guest cast: Richard Basehart, Robert Walker Jr., Barbara Barrie, Peter Helm.

12/5/62    The Virtues of Madame Douvay.  The owner of a French restaurant is the chief suspect in the murder of his step-brother, but he’s being framed by his wife and her suitor, who is actually the guilty party.  Writer: Paula Fox.  Dir.: Robert Gist.  Guest cast:  Claude Dauphin, Nicos Minardos, Denise Darcel, Francois Flamano.

12/12/62    King Stanislaus and the Knights of the Round Table.  Frightened when her butcher is forced to leave his shop with an angry man, Arcaro’s mother asks police to investigate.  The two butchers, pals since their Polish childhood, are feuding, and custom says they’ll enter a room and either emerge drunken friends or one will be dead.  Writer:  Abram S. Ginnes.  Dir.: James Sheldon.  Guest cast:  Jack Klugman, John Larch, Joanna Merlin, Boris Tumarin, Rosetta Veneziani, Michael Gorrin, E.M. Margolese.

12/19/62    Spectre of the Rose Street Gang.  The body of a boy murdered 25 years ago is found.  Knowing his three boyhood pals, now successful businessmen, were responsible, a poor failure sees his chance for success and blackmails them.  Writers:  Alvin Sargent and Jerome Gruskin.  Dir.: James Sheldon.  Guest cast:  Jack Warden, Bethel Leslie, Carroll O’Connor, Roger C. Carmel, Joseph Sullivan, Ludmilla Toetzka.

12/26/62    Don’t Knock It Till You’ve Tried It.  Flint investigates the disappearance of a psychiatrist, who’s being held in a hotel at gunpoint by a Las Vegas dancer who demands that he marry her.  Writer:  Joel Carpenter.  Dir.: Alex March.  Guest cast:  Walter Matthau, Sally Gracie, Joan Copeland, Pat Englund, Dorothy Sands.

1/2/63    Her Life in Moving Pictures.  Investigating a robbery at a wealthy man’s home, police read the maid’s diary and find she’s been exploited by a romeo who preys on the female employees of rich people in order to gain access to their homes.  Writers: Sidney Boehm and Howard Rodman.  Dir.:  George Sherman.  Guest cast:  Eileen Heckart, House Jameson, Bradford Dillman, Richard Nichols, Frances Heflin, Irene Windust.

1/9/62    Robin Hood and Clarence Darrow, They Went Out With Bow and Arrow.  To get through to his sons, who have lost all feeling for the importance of life since their mother died, a liquor store owner baits a gang of thieves, hoping they’ll attempt to rob his store.  Writer:  Abram S. Ginnes.  Dir.: Stuart Rosenberg.  Guest cast:  Eddie Albert, Michael Strong, Paul O’Keefe, Theo Goetz, Ronnie Walken, Arlene Golonka, Henry Lascoe.

1/23/63    The Apple Falls Not Far from the Tree.  When three boys from rich families steal their neighbors’ jewelry for kicks, the janitor blackmails them, and to pay him they pull off another robbery which turns into murder.  Writers:  Arnold Perl and Les Pine.  Dir.: William A. Graham.  Guest cast:  Alexander Scourby, Keir Dullea, Roy Poole, Louise Platt, Edith Meiser, Mart Hulswit, Ralph Williams.

1/30/63    Beyond This Place There Be Dragons.  The mob is after a stoolie who sells information to Parker, and Flint is sent to bring the man enough money to get out of town fast.  Writer: Shimon Wincelberg.  Dir.:  George Sherman.  Guest cast:  Frank Gorshin, Sorrell Booke, Hilda Brawner, Val Avery, James Little, Richard Shepard, Louis Zorich, Charles Tyner.

2/6/63    Man Without a Skin.  A coldhearted detective who always gets his man has himself transferred to Parker’s precinct to chase the man who killed his partner.  Guest cast:  George Segal, Gabriel Dell, Dana Elcar, Barbara Hayes, Carolyn Groves, Paul Larsen.

2/13/63    Prime of Life.  Flint arrives at a prison to witness the execution of a coldblooded killer whom he captured, and he ponders what he’s about to see and the responsibilities he holds as a policeman regarding life and death.  Writer: Stirling Silliphant.  Dir.: Walter E. Graumann.  Guest cast:  Richard Hamilton, C.M. Gampel, Dort Clark, Gene Hackman.

2/20/63    Bringing Far Places Together.  A newly-arrived Puerto Rican man whose wife is about to give birth pays a man to give him a job.  When he’s not hired, he attacks the man for robbing him.  An elderly Jewish man tries to help.  Writer:  Howard Rodman.  Dir.: Irvin Kershner.  Guest cast:  Alejandro Rey, Coco Ramirez, Victor Gabriel Junquera, Zvee Scooler, Albert Henderson.

2/27/63    The Highest of Prizes.  A man and his secretary are acquitted of murdering his wife after one juror wins the others over.  When Adam proves their guilt and they can’t be retried, the juror decides to kill the man.  Writer: Arnold Perl.  Dir.:  James Sheldon.  Guest cast:  Robert Culp, Joanne Linville, Akim Tamiroff, Jean Stapleton, Gerald S. O’Loughlin.

3/6/63    Alive and Still a Second Lieutenant.  Pushed to his breaking point by pressures, an executive kills a man during an argument over a parking space, then seeks to punish himself by getting into a series of altercations and relishing his beatings.  Writer: Shimon Wincelberg.  Dir.: Ralph Senensky.  Guest cast:  Robert Sterling, Hilda Brawner, Jon Voight, Luis Van Rooten, House Jameson, Joseph Leon.

3/20/63    Stop the Parade, a Baby Is Crying!  Police get involved in the life of a neurotic, confused divorcee when her stolen car is found being driven by a known womanizer who claims she lent it to him after he picked her up in a bar.  Writer:  Abram S. Ginnes.  Dir.:  William A. Graham.  Guest cast:  Diana Hyland, Jack Klugman, Parker McCormick, Alex Viespi, James Patterson, Lily Lodge, Leigh Wharton.

3/27/63    On the Battlefront, Every Minute Is Important.  While investigating a mystifying case of robbery and murder in a large office building, Flint is offered a top position in the firm of a man who’s dying of leukemia and is impressed by his ability.  Writer:  Howard Rodman.  Dir.: Robert Ellis Miller.  Guest cast:  David Janssen, Kurt Kasznar, Leonardo Cimino, James Dukas, Margaret O’Neill, John Dutra.

4/3/63    Howard Running Bear Is a Turtle.  Two Indian construction workers fight over a woman and one falls to his death.  An old tribal code prevents the other man from telling his story to the police, even though he acted in self-defense and has a witness.  Writers: Alvin Sargent and B. Schweig.  Dir.: Harry Haris.  Guest cast:  Piper Laurie, Juano Hernandez, Perry Lopez, Anita Dangler, Paul E. Richards, Cicely Tyson, Felice Orlandi, Chet London, William La Massena, Peter Gumeny.

4/17/63    No Naked Ladies in Front of Giovanni’s House!  Dominated by his late father’s authority, a man incapable of making adult decisions faces the crisis of his life when his longtime sweetheart arrives for five days, expecting them to be married.  Writer:  Abram S. Ginnes.  Dir.: Ralph Senensky.  Guest cast:  Harry Guardino, Marisa Pavan, Al Lewis, Augusta Merighi, Joe Silver, Fay Bernardi, Gerry Matthews, Tom Slater, Jonathan Lippe, Tom Brannum.

4/24/63    Carrier.  A young woman, carrier of an infectious, usually fatal disease, has lived on Welfare Island for ten years.  Forgetting why she’s there, she escapes into Manhattan, where she’s picked up by a womanizer.  Guest cast:  Sandy Dennis, Peter Morelli, Bruce Gordon, Anthony Zerbe, Estelle Evans, Bibi Osterwald, Sam Gray, Donald Melvin, John Horn.

5/1/63    Color Schemes Like Never Before.  When a young man sees his brother and two other bookies kill a customer who owes them money, the hoods want him to leave town.  When he won’t, his brother’s friends decide to kill him.  Writer: Alvin Sargent.  Dir.: Ralph Senensky.  Guest cast:  Lou Antonio, Johnny Seven, Carol Rossen, Gene Roche, Neva Patterson, Remo Pisani, Ronald Weyland, David Hooks.

5/8/63    The S.S. American Dream.  A junk dealer, whose partner has long stifled his ambitious dreams, kills the man during a fight.  He then goes to a loan shark to finance his latest success plan, but his conscience is his downfall.  Writer:  Frank R. Pierson.  Dir.:  Allen H. Miner.  Guest cast:  John Larch, Roger C. Carmel, Madeleine Sherwood, Gretchen Wyler, Percy Rodriguez, Jim Gilfeather, Charles Tyner, Mike Dana, Brutus Peck, Edward Whaley.

5/15/63    One Two Three Rita Rakahowski.  Police get involved in the furor at a paper bag factory when the owner and a stock boy allow their bitter rivalry over a girl to erupt into physical violence.  Writer: Joel Carpenter.  Dir.: Robert Ellis Miller.  Guest cast:  Anthony Franciosa, Nehemiah Persoff, Carol Rossen, Alice Ghostley, Richard Ward, Louis Criscuolo, Marilyn Lovell.

5/22/63    Golden Lads and Girls.  A laborer and a TV executive, who’ve both beaten their wives while drunk, undergo court-ordered counseling and find their lives and feelings aren’t as dissimilar as they may seem.  Writer:  Ernest Kinoy.  Dir.: William A. Graham.  Guest cast:  Robert Webber, Tom Bosley, Elizabeth Allen, Irene Kane, Mike Kellin, Patty Keefer, Norma Connolly, Sam Greene, Murray Matheson, Fred J. Scollay, Anna Berger, Harold Gary, Lincoln Kilpatrick.

5/29/63    Barefoot on a Bed of Coals.  A city-wide search is on to find a man masquerading as a policeman, who disappeared after wounding a holdup man.  The psychotic man is tracked down when he closes in on a cop killer holed up in an apartment house.  Writer: Shimon Wincelberg.  Dir.:  James Sheldon.  Guest cast:  Steven Hill, Henry Lascoe, Zohra Lampert, Mickey Freeman, Elizabeth Allen, John C. Beecher, Mitch Ryan, Dustin Hoffman.

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