Naked City
Episode Guide - First Hour-Long Season
Guide by Stephen and Diane Albert
TV Collector Magazine
Reproduced by permission
Horace McMahon, Paul Burke, Nancy Malone, Harry Bellaver
Horace McMahon, Paul Burke, Nancy Malone, Harry Bellaver

Regular Cast:

Det. Adam Flint... Paul Burke
Lt. Mike Parker... Horace McMahon
Sgt. Frank Arcaro... Harry Bellaver
Libby... Nancy Malone

10/12/60    A Death of Princes.  A crooked detective masterminds a box office robbery during a charity boxing event by forcing a prizefighter, a playboy, and the cashier to cooperate with him under threat of arresting them for previous crimes.  Dir.: John Brahm.  Guest cast: Eli Wallach, George Maharis, John Baragrey, Jan Miner.

10/19/60    The Pedigree Sheet.  A seventeen-year-old girl who survives a car crash is held by police when they learn that the driver had been shot just before the crash, and the other passenger was a well-known gunman.  Dir.: John Brahm.  Guest stars:  Suzanne Pleshette, Eric Portman, Victor Thorley, Roger C. Carmel, Murray Hamilton, Albert Lewis, Joseph Bernard.

10/26/60    A Succession of Heartbeats.  When a wealthy playboy and his girlfriend are found murdered in his apartment, police suspect the woman's husband of the crime.  But he proves he was out of town at the time, and a discarded girlfriend of the playboy comes forward to confess.  Dir.:  Paul Wendkos.  Guest cast:  Frank Overton, Felicia Farr, Fay Spain.

11/2/60    Down the Long Night.  The owner of a printing plant that burned down, killing his neighbor's wife and daughter, begs police for protection from the man, who, certain that he set the fire himself, is threatening to kill him.  Writer: Charles Beaumont.  Dir.: Paul Wendkos.  Guest cast: Leslie Nielsen, Nehemiah Persoff, Geraldine Brooks.

11/9/60    To Walk In Silence.  A Wall Street financial expert who plays the horses is accidentally shot in the bookie joint.  Afraid of jeopardizing his position, he refuses to allow police to extract the bullet and testify against the culprit.  Then his daughter is kidnapped by thugs who want him to testify.  Writer: Barry Trivers.  Dir.: Roger Kay.  Guest cast:  Claude Rains, Telly Savalas, Deborah Walley, Stephen Bolster, Valerie Cossart, Alan Bunce.

11/16/60    Killer With A Kiss.  Trying to track down a psychopathic killer who's been stabbing patrolmen, police get a lead when they find a surgical knife along with a toy colonel figure with its head twisted off.  Writers: Leonard Praskins and Sloan Nibley.  Dir.: Lamont Johnson.  Guest cast:  Burt Brinckerhoff, Carmen Mathews, Bill Lazarus, Norma Connolly, George Kane, Norman Rose, Clifton James.

11/23/60    Debt of Honor.  A gambler, indebted to a man in Italy who saved his life, marries the man's daughter so that se can enter America.  Upon her arrival she finds him in big trouble with the underworld and she runs away.  Writer: W.R. Burnett.  Dir.: Tay Garnett.  Guest cast:  Lois Nettleton, Steve Cochran, Warren Finnerty, Maurice Tarplin, Joseph Kallini, John Frederick, Donald Cohen, Vic Ramos.

11/30/60    The Human Trap.  After accidentally killing her playboy lover after finding he's dating her daughter, a divorcee persuades the girl to go along with her story that she was protecting her daughter from the drunken man's advances.  Writer: Ellis Kadison.  Dir.:  Lamont Johnson.  Guest cast: Ruth Roman, Jack Lord, Zina Bethune, Gene Lyons, Margaret O'Neill, Elizabeth MacRae, Bob Allen, Nicholas Saunders.

12/14/60    The Man Who Bit the Diamond In Half.  Police are baffled when jewel thieves kill a night watchman and steal a plastic replica of a diamond.  The gang's using it so that their diamond cutter can practice to be ready when they steal the real thing.  Writer: Howard Rodman.  Dir.: Buzz Kulik.  Guest cast: Luther Adler, Michael Shillo, Michael Conrad, Elizabeth Allen, Walter Matthau.

1/4/61    Bullets Cost Too Much.  Three hoods hold up a bar where Flint is making a routine check.  Keeping his gun hidden to avoid injuries, he's branded a coward by newspapers after a protesting customer is killed by one of the thugs.  Writer: Sam Marx.  Dir.: Buzz Kulik.  Guest cast:  Dick York, Bruce Dern, Johnny Seven, Jimmy Caan, Paul Hartman, Barbara Lord, Betty Fields, Al Henderson.

1/11/61    Murder Is a Face I Know.  A loving, law-abiding family man is arrested one day after he massacres the crew of a cabin cruiser on the Hudson River.  His wife and son must face the fact that he's secretly been a hitman for a gang lord.  Writer:  Howard Rodman.  Dir.:  Arthur Hiller.  Guest cast:  Theodore Bikel, Keir Dullea, David J. Stewart, Malachi Throne, Peggy Feury, Edmon Ryan, David Doyle, Allen MacAteer, William D. Cottrell.

1/18/61    Landscape With Dead Figures.  A half-crazed artist, institutionalized by his cousin who arranged for a false death certificate, escapes during a period of lucidity and finds his uncompleted paintings have been finished by another artist and are about to make a fortune for his cousin in an art gallery.  Writer:  Barry Trivers.  Dir.:  Elliot Silverstein.  Guest cast:  Myron McCormick, Alfred Ryder, Jim Boles, Conrad Nagel, Rosalyn Newport, Robert Emhardt.

2/1/61    A Hole in the City.  Three men hold up an armored car and escape into the Bronx, followed by police.  They take refuge with the aunt of the gangleader, whose personality starts to disintegrate as he relives his unfortunate past.  Writer: Howard Rodman.  Dir.: David Lowell Rich.  Guest cast: Robert Duvall, Louis Antonio, Jamie Smith, Olga Bellin, Sylvia Sidney.

2/8/61    The Well-Dressed Termite.  When a man electrocutes his partner as they're wiretapping the phone of a member of a financial combine, his bail is arranged by a senior partner in the firm, whose actions lead to death for his partners.  Writer: Jay Dratler.  Dir.: Laszlo Benedek.  Guest cast: Mitch Ryan, Jack Klugman, Norma Crane, Philip Abbott, John Baragrey, House Jameson, Fred J. Scollay, Richard Kronold.

2/15/61    The Day It Rained Mink.  After meeting a model, a man decides he needs some quick money to divorce his wife.  Learning of a fur coat exhibit in a local hotel, he maps out a robbery plan which should net him $250,000.  Writer: Howard Rodman.  Dir.: David Lowell Rich.  Guest cast: Keenan Wynn, Abby Lane, Perry Wilson, Henry Lascoe, Sorrell Booke, Timmy Everett, Tarry Green, Daniel Ocko, Arny Freeman, Jerry Jarrett, Richard Kronold, Mary James, Bill Tierney.

2/22/61    Button in the Haystack.  When a parolee discovers a corpse in a parked car in his service station, he panics and throws the gun he bought for protection into a passing truck.  When he's later suspected of the crime, that gun is the only evidence that can prove his innocence.  Writer: Howard Rodman.  Dir.: Tay Garnett.  Guest cast:  Albert Salmi, Peggy Ann Garner, Mitch Ryan, Joseph Bernard.

3/1/61    Shoes for Vinnie Winford.  When a hostess at the Tango Dance Palace reports a co-worker has been missing for three days, the owner tells police he’s never heard of the girl.  After investigating the man’s past, Flint finds that the girl is in a private hospital after being beaten up by the psychotic man.  Writer:  Ellis Kadison.  Dir.: Elliot Silverstein.  Guest cast: Dennis Hopper, Hilda Brawner, Jack Bittner, Sylvia Miles, Nancy Stone, Geoffrey Lumb.

3/8/61    The Deadly Guinea Pig.  After a gun battle leaves the corpses of a policeman and an unidentified man, police find that the policeman was actually a woman in disguise, and the man an ex-Nazi SS officer.  Writer: Jay Dratler.  Dir.:  William A. Graham.  Guest cast: Viveca Lindfors, Eugenie Leontovich, George Voskovec, Mike Kellin, Barry Morse, Peter Turgeon.

3/15/61    Vengeance Is a Wheel.  When an old night watchman, patriarch of an Italian family, is killed during a waterfront robbery, his family swears vengeance on the killers, refusing to cooperate with police.  Writer: Gil Ralston.  Dir.: Elliot Silverstein.  Guest cast:  Ben Piazza, Paul Stevens, Dino Di Luca, Brett Somers, Pierre Epstein, Gerry Jedd, Allen Joseph, Frank Marth, Harry Richard Casey.

3/22/61    The Fault in Our Stars.  An unemployed actor, behind in his rent and locked out of his room, robs and strangles three cab drivers, leaving behind a script which Flint’s girlfriend recognizes is from an off-Broadway play.  Writer: Barry Trivers.  Dir.: William A. Graham.  Guest cast:  Louise Larabee, Roddy McDowall, Alvin Epstein, Florence Anglin, Patricia Bosworth, Mary Fickett.

4/5/61    Tombstone for a Derelict.  Four young men are stabbing vagrants to death and leaving swastikas nearby, a clue to their identities which goes unnoticed by police until the men, dressed as Nazis, stage a parade behind a tenement house.  Writer: Howard N. Ehrenman.  Dir.: Elliot Silverstein.  Guest cast: Robert Redford, Del Jenkins, Billy Hinnant, Don Gantry, Polly Rowles, Sam Capuano, Bob Allen, Dan Morgan, Norman MacKay, William D. Swetland.

4/12/61    A Memory of Crying.  After four bad marriages, a machine-like man finally weds a woman for whom he feels real affection.  When she dies in childbirth, his mind snaps and he uses a gun to get the $3,000 he feels he owes the doctor.  Writers: David Chantler and Howard Rodman.  Dir.: Alex March.  Guest cast: Luther Adler, Betty Field, Susan Oliver, Philip Abbott, Thomas A. Carlom, Stuart Germain.

4/19/61    New York to L.A.  Flint and another detective are sent to L.A. to extradite two brothers wanted for murder in New York.  The psychiatrist from the orphanage where they were raised vainly tries to fight the extradition.  Upon leaving the court, one of the men kills a guard and escapes.  Writer: Howard Rodman.  Dir.: Elliot Silverstein.  Guest cast: Martin Balsam, Ed Asner, Robert Blake, Frank Sutton, Margo Lungreen.

4/26/61    A Very Cautious Boy.  A gangland syndicate headed by a lawyer has been collecting protection money from a couple who own a restaurant.  They decide to fight back by hiring a strongarm man to free them from the extortion ring.  Writer: Gil Ralston.  Dir.: William A. Graham.  Guest cast: Peter Falk, Rivcth White, William Hansen, Macha Magarin, Bret Sargent, Mike O’Dowd, Jeremiah Morris.

5/3/61    An Economy of Death.  Separated from their granddaughter during the Revolution, a Hungarian couple hire a man to find her, and they learn that an honored member of the community gave information to the enemy that led to the massacre in which their son was killed.  Writer: Sy Salkowitz.  Dir.: Boris Sageal.  Guest cast: Sam Jaffe, Sandor Szabo, Leonard Cimino, Lotta Palfi.

5/10/61    C3H5(NO3)3.  After quarrelling with his wife, a chemistry professor goes out and gets drunk.  He fills an empty whisky bottle with nitroglycerin, planning to blow up his wife and his home, then loses the bottle.  When he sobers up, he goes to the police, who begin a frantic search for the bottle.  Writer: Gilbert Ralston.  Dir.: William A. Graham.  Guest cast:  Hume Cronyn, J.D. Cannon, Doreen Lang, Lew Herbert, Terry Carter, Brandon Maggart.

5/17/61    Make-Believe Man.  A South American revolutionary, seeing that a Bowery bum is a dead ringer for his country’s legendary hero, whisks the derelict away to sober him up and use him to get backing for his planned coup.  Writer: Sy Salkowitz.  Dir.: Elliot Silverstein.  Guest cast:  Chester Morris, Nehemiah Persoff, Eduardo Ciannelli, Leonard Cimino, Victor Juanquera.

5/24/61    To Dream Without Sleep.  A lonely young woman joins an escort service and meets a man who leads her to believe he wants to marry her.  Horror-stricken when she learns he’s already married, she stabs him and then wanders around the city.  Writer: Barry Trivers.  Dir.: William A. Graham.  Guest cast:  Lois Nettleton, Fred J. Scollay, Gerry Jedd, Valerie Bettis, Bibi Osterwald.

5/31/61    A Kettle of Precious Fish.  Seven business executives, holding a conference aboard a fishing ship, are overtaken by a gangster and his mob, who demand their wives pay a ransom for their safe return.  Writer: Gil Ralston.  Dir.: William Conrad.  Guest cast:  Albert Dekker, David J. Stewart, Anthony Dawson, Joanna Ross, James Luisi, George Mitchell, Gerald Hiken, Woodrow Parfrey, Russell Collins, Jamie Smith, Carl Frank, George L. Smith, William Cottrell.

6/7/61    Sweet Prince of Delancey Street.  When a plant guard is killed, a recently fired man and his son each claim they accidentally killed him.  Police don’t know who’s covering for whom, but the guilt shifts when they find some industrial diamonds have been missing since the murder took place.  Writer: Sy Salkowitz.  Dir.: Alex March.  Guest cast: James Dunn, Robert Morse, Jan Miner, Dustin Hoffman, Arny Freeman, Herbert Voland, Ted Cory.

6/14/61    The Day the Island Almost Sank.  With several conventions in the city, all the hotels are occupied, and a visitor who’s had too much to drink collapses on the train steps, where he was told he could sleep.  A private policeman hired by the city beats him to death and steals his money.  Writer: Jerry Thomas.  Dir.: William Conrad.  Guest cast:  Paul Hartman, Roger C. Carmel, Matt Crowley, Sam Gray, Sam Capuano, Anita Dangler, Mickey Freeman, Bob Weil.

6/21/61    Take and Put.  When a wealthy couple uses up their money, they make a plan with their maid: she “borrows” jewelry from their party guests, they pawn it and invest the money in quick-profit stocks, then return the jewelry before police are called in.  Writer: Arnold Ellis.  Dir.: Elliot Silverstein.  Guest cast: Mildred Natwick, Roland Winters, Nancy Carroll, Fred Stewart.

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