OK, here is where I get pissy!!! While waterspouts don't turn me on personally, I've found it to be much more common (in my circle of friends) and accepted than I imagined, and it can be a safe sexual activity. My golden shower paintings have been very popular and the originals generally sell quickly. I have been commissioned to paint these scenes for private sex spaces in the homes of erotic art collectors.

Golden Shower, 
gouache on paper, 
15 1/2" x 20", 1996, 
private collection 

Piss Slave,
gouache on paper,
17" x 13",1998

Hose Down, 
gouache on paper, 
13 3/4" x 10 1/4", 1997, 
private collection 

Wanna Drink?, 
acrylic on vinyl, 
70" x 30", 1997

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