Dream Projects

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Welcome to the erotic world of
Marc DeBauch
[pronounced deboch]

The images I've drawn and painted have been created for you the erotic art connoisseur. My artwork has been described as mysterious, occult, sensuous, educational., and often humorous. Many of the people in my paintings are friends, porn stars, sexual playmates. You may even recognize some one you know! I hope to excite you visually, emotionally, spiritually and of course sexually. The public reaction to my art tells me my work is not only erotic , but also confrontive. The viewer is confronted with their comfort or discomfort of their own sexuality and that of others. I want to turn you on with my art ,and I also want you to think about where you fit in the spectrum of human sexuality. Remember sex is one of the most primal forces that guides our lives.

Marc DeBauch in Cobá, Mexico


Marc Debauch was born in central Minnesota on October 24,1956. His first erotic art creations were made at the age of 4. He made tracings of Greek statues from the family encyclopedia. His family encouraged his interest in art. After Marc came out as a gay man in his late 20's he finally was able to pursue his interest in drawing male figures. He then combined his talent for painting and drawing with his sexual interest in other men. The artists Peter Paul Rubens, Michaelangelo, Bernini, and Salvador Dali have all influenced his work tremendously. His interests in Mythology, Astrology, Zoology and Botany also appear in his paintings. In 1995 Marc won First place in the Group Figure Division of the Tom of Finland Emerging Erotic Artist Contest. Since then his career has exploded. Magazines such as Mach, International Leatherman, Bunk House, Powerplay and the online magazines eXposé and Waterboys have published his art to illustrate stories and articles. His work has been shown in museums and galleries from San Francisco to New York. He lives in Minneapolis with Eduardo his companion of 9 years.

Dream Projects

Painting a masterpiece is an artist's way of leaving a legacy to the world. Sometimes a masterpiece can be a small but unusual painting, i.e., Mona Lisa by DaVinci. Master works can also be large-scale projects that create entire environments such as the Sistine Chapel, by Michelangelo. 

Here's my list of projects that would give me personal satisfaction of creating what I would consider a masterpiece. 

Marc DeBauch - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

1. An orgy mural in a sex club, bathhouse or bar. 

2. Series of 12 paintings depicting an erotic zodiac. 

3. A Conan-type barbarian orgy scene. 

4. Series of Christmas cards. 

5. A fairy orgy. 

6. A policeman's orgy.

7. A beach scene orgy with muscle boyz and surfers.

8. A Mayan warrior orgy scene at Uxmal). 

9. An orgy mural with Satyrs, Centaurs, and Greek gods. 

10. Painting an entire dungeon with S&M scenes, including the ceiling (for those bored bottoms in the sling!) 

11. An entire room painting ceiling to floor with an angelic orgy on the ceiling, a devil's orgy on the floor with angels and devils mixing it up on the walls.

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