This is my most popular series. I get the strangest emails from people who have had experiences with Angels.

In Christian mythology angels are guardians of the soul. They represent the good powers of God and shield us from evil. Of course since I am a gay sexually active man my guardian angel has given up on me long ago! And my chances of getting to heaven are about as good as a porcupine wearing a pair of panty hose without getting any runs! Now if heaven is supposed to be paradise I would want it filled with cocksucking, ass rimming, bootlicking cum drenched winged beings.

Angels 1
Fuckin' Angels, 
oil on canvas, 
60" x 60", 1992,
private collection
Angels 2
gouache on paper, 
10 1/2" x 7 1/2", 1998
Angels 3
Angelic Orgy, 
graphite on paper, 
21" x 36", 1997, 
private collection
Angels 4
Dark Angel, 
graphite on paper, 
16" x 12", 1998
Angels 6
Scott "Spunk" O'Hara,
gouache on paper, 
9" x 12", 1998, 
private collection
Angels 5
Goodness Conquering Evil, 
gouache on paper, 
12" x 21", 1997, 
private collection 

acrylic on canvas
60" x 48", 1998

gouache on paper
28" x 20", 1998

Heavenly Blowjob,
gouache on paper
15" x 15"
private collection

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