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We've Moved!

June 12, 2008  9:00am

Our offices have moved to the following address, customers should update this when sending payment information.

Our new address

77 13th Ave NE
Suite 210
Minneapolis, MN 55413

New DNS Resolvers

August 14, 2007  2:30pm

All customers that use Sound Internet for ISP service should change their DNS Server Addresses to the following addresses. Please note these addresses will not work outside of Sound Internet

If you have any questions please email us at

Issue with Dialup numbers and SCC Phones

September 14, 2008  12:00pm

System Outage Notice

We are currently experiencing an issue with one of our lines that is affecting some of our dial up number as well as our incoming phones.

As an alternate you can use 651.645.9988 to dial into the system

We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working with the telco provider to restore service as soon as possible.

Onvoy IP Renumbering

August 14, 2007  2:00pm

Reminder: If you have not contacted support to see if your modem needs to be repogrammed to the new Sound IP space, please contact our technical support. All sound customers need to be transitioned to the new space.

Sound Internet IP Renumbering

June 10, 2007  11:00am

Due to Onvoy's recent policy changes to begin charging for IP address allocations, we have elected to terminate our relationship with them and will be required to return IP address blocks allocated from Onvoy by August 4, 2007. We will be renumbering all affected customers to IP address blocks directly controlled by us.

This will affect several of our core servers as well as DSL customers. DSL customers who are currently
providing public services via your DSL connection are of special concern, as we will need to coordinate DNS changes with your IP address change; please contact us as soon as possible to arrange
the reprogramming of your DSL setup. Examples of public services include operating an e-mail server, DNS server, web-site or FTP-site hosting, Voice over IP Phone service (VoIP), etc.

DSL customers who do NOT provide these types of public services will also have to contact our technical
support. Alternatively you can stop by our main offices and we can reprogram your modem.

The target completion date for these changes is August 1.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation in this matter as we continue to strive to provide the fastest, most reliable services.

Best regards,
Sound Internet Support

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